Are you looking for highly individual banners and displays that really stand out, made to the highest production quality standards? Are you looking for a producer who can turn your ideas for illuminated pylons into reality and implement them safely when it comes to electrical installation and structural stability?

We create the following in our state-of-the-art production centres:

  • Classic light boxes and illuminated signs:
    from simple display signs to facade light-pipe systems
  • Curved banners & pylons
  • Combinations of complex forms and high-quality materials
  • Insertion of letterboxes, screens, time displays etc.


Our banners and pylons are illuminated using surface LED coverage, LED side illumination or fluorescent lamps. Thanks to our tried and tested LED technology, we can offer cost-effective products which pay their way in just a short period of time with their extremely low operating power costs. You are therefore offering your customers an advertising installation from which they will benefit for a long time to come.  

Banners & pylons

Best Practice