FL Neon

FL Neon

The legend of light advertising is alive. Whether as an art object or as a retro-illuminated signage with nostalgic flair: Neon letterings celebrate their comeback for quite some time.

FISCHER Licht & Metall has reinterpreted the pioneer of modern illuminated advertising as FL Neon and brought it into the present. The proven high quality of the established FL letters combined with the latest LED technology guarantees the Neon look. In true colors and flicker free.

Strikingly different.

Decades ago the distinctive neon signs shaped the cityscape, until they were replaced by LED technology. Anyway, the neon optic is not old-fashioned. Whether as a decorative element in the interior or as a luminous brand ambassador on a building: the legendary contours, the unique design and the filigree design give each building an unique retro character. The revival of the classic full acrylic format is ready to start.

Neon.Now: Retro? It goes like this!

Classic meets modern. Fragile glass is replaced by unbreakable acrylic and marvelous color effects are achieved by LEDs instead of noble gases.
White, blue, red, green, yellow and orange: the traditional neon colors were transferred for FL Neon and expanded by different white color temperatures.
With a beam width of 16 or 20 millimeters the natural Neon-optic is perfectly empathized. This is enabled through precise burr semicircular milling of the acryl. The lightproof foiling of the rear wall and frame ensures an accurate light emission.

Industrial Individual

Neon letterings are handcrafted masterpieces. FL Neon- letterings provide this manual art with modern production techniques.
Industrial acrylic processing and decades of experience in the field of lighting technology guarantee an excellent result.
Millimeter accuracy with milling radiuses and latest LED-technology make the classic of lighting advertising up-to-date. The encapsulated LEDs defy reliably dust and rain and meet the protection class IP 67.

Tomorrow has already arrived.

FL Neon-letterings are already prepared for the future.
Your customer wants the same lettering again? – You are welcome!
Thanks to digitization FL neon advertising systems can be produced again.

Download 151 KDatenblatt FL Neon