Turn your customer’s shop into a unique experience: accentuation, emotion and customer guidance system combined in a single product. Frameless, illuminated and standardised: <media 782>FISCHER CLOTH BANNER</media> for indoor areas

Structured rear walls instead of frontal presentation, with a theme which harmonises with the point of sale, efficient use of available areas, while at the same time being reusable. These challenges are confirmed by the latest EHI RETAIL INSTITUTE SURVEY on Visual Merchandising, and are requirements which your customers will ask you to meet

Convincing arguments for you customers: the latest LED technology enables homogeneous, energy-saving illumination. The maintenance-free complete product reduces ongoing servicing costs, and the simple, tool-free method of changing the theme saves both time and money.

Impress your customers with professional printing, precise, tailor-made measurements and fast mounting.

Examples Indoor Area

LED Lettering